What Does MoonClerk Cost (And Is It Worth It)?

ChargeKeep is often compared to MoonClerk. Both tools integrate with Stripe and allow users to collect one-time and recurring payments. But as much as the two tools have in common, there are cost trade-offs to using each tool.

MoonClerk uses a tiered subscription pricing model. The fee you pay, which starts at $15/month, goes up based on your monthly payment volume.

If you collect $2000 in payments per month, you will pay the $15 per fee, but as soon as you go over $200o your fee will go up to $30 per month. The tiered pricing goes up to $150,000 in payments and $500 per month.

This type of tiered pricing is pretty common among the tools that small internet businesses use. ConvertKit, an email marketing platform, uses subscribers instead of payment volume to trier their monthly payment plans.

So while not uncommon, it still means you will pay more as your business grows.

MoonClerk Pricing Plans

MoonClerk pricing

What Percentage Does MoonClerk Take

MoonClerk does not take a percentage of sales, as do some other payment tools such as PayWhirl, which collects 0.5%-2.0% from each transaction.

MoonClerk simply charged a monthly fee + Stripe fee of 2.9% (in the US).

Here’s the catch though. Since MoonClerk charges a different fee based on your monthly payment volume, you’ll essentially be paying a transaction fee of 0.4% to 1.5.% on each transaction. Here’s why…

If your business collects $2001 in payments this month, you’ll pay MoonClerk $30/month, which is about 1.5% of $2001.

If in another month your business collects $5000, you’ll pay MoonClerk $50/month, which is about 1% of $5000.

As your business grows, this ratio of monthly fee to payment volume results in a lower transaction fee (going as low as 0.4%), but you’re still essentially paying a fee. They just don’t call it that.

MoonClerk Alternatives

Any tool that does not charge based on monthly payment volume or per-transaction is a good MoonClerk alternative. Our own took, ChargeKeep, charges a fee starting at $15/month, but our tiers are feature-based, so you’ll pay a bit more if you’re looking for more advanced features, but not if your business grows.

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