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Easy for your customers, and you

Collecting payments from your customers shouldn’t be a clunky process, for them or for you.

  • No PayPal account needed. Take subscriptions without your customers having to open a PayPal account.
  • Heard nightmare stories about PayPal withholding funds? You need a service which you can fully trust.
  • Easy to implement, but flexible enough to do the tasks that PayPal can’t.

Embed into your website

With ChargeKeep’s flexible payment options, you can choose how customers pay you. Embed a payment form into your website or send customers a link to a payment page.

  • Match payment forms to your brand. Change colors, add a logo, or get fancy with custom CSS.
  • Flexible embed options allow you to either embed a form directly into your site or add a payment button that opens a pop-up payment form.
  • Need to collect a payment quickly? Not a problem. Send your customer a link to a branded payment page.

Chick-fil-A customer service

Ever tried emailing or calling a big company like PayPal to get a question answered or resolve an issue you’re having? Yeah, we have as well. And we both know what a horrible customer service experience that can be. That will never happen at ChargeKeep.

  • Email or live chat with us anytime; we respond to emails under 2 hrs and our live chat is up for most of the day and even on weekends.
  • Have a feature request? If it’s doable quickly, we’ll take a shot. Something bigger? We’ll let you know how we can fit it into our roadmap.
  • Need help with figuring out how to use ChargeKeep in your business? No sweat. We’re familiar with a lot of use cases and can offer lots of useful advice.

"I switched from PayPal to ChargeKeep and will never go back. With ChargeKeep, I can embed the payment form into our website and it just looks more modern and polished than PayPal."

Sean Marshall


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