How to use Stripe in Mexico

We get a lot of questions from folks in countries not yet supported by Stripe. Sometimes, Stripe is not available at all — such as in Pakistan — but often the country in question is in Beta. Such is the case with Mexico.

As of today, Stripe is in Beta in 11 countries: Brazil, Estonia, Greece, India, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Mexico.

So how do you get an account in a beta country? Well, you can request an invite with Stripe directly on this page or you can request an invite through a Stripe-verified partner, such as ChargeKeep.

What are your chances of getting an invite through Stripe directly? It depends on the country. In Estonia, for example, sign-ups are closed right now and in Mexico, you may have to wait for a really long time.

We’ve spoken to users who signed up for Mexico over a year ago and still have not received an invite.

But we know that invites are available in Mexico as we have a number of Mexican users, all of which we’ve been able to get accounts for.

So if ChargeKeep is an tool that would be useful to your business and you’re based in Mexico, give us a shout. We’re happy to help.


If you sign up for a ChargeKeep account and we end up helping you set up a Stripe account in Mexico, we’ll also include $1500 dollars in processing credits, so that you’re not charged any payment processing fees on your first $1500 in transactions.