How to Accept Recurring Payments With Wix

We have quite a few customers who use Wix to run their online business. And many of those customers want to collect payments for the products and services they’re selling.¬†Wix, however, doesn’t make the process super easy, either for one-time or recurring payments.

To start, you need a Wix “Premium” plan. The lowest-priced plan is $23/month and the most expensive is $500/month.

Wix pricing

Once you’ve upgraded, you’ll need to activate “Accepting Payments.” You have three options for accepting debit/credit cards: Braintree, Square, and our preferred payment processor, Stripe.

Wix and Stripe

Once you’re activated and connected to a payment processor, you’ll need to install one of the Wix “Sell Online” apps that allow you to add a pricing table or a pay button to your pages.

The Wix ‘pricing table’ app is somewhat limited and has gotten a dismal 2.5 out of 5 stars from Wix users. The ‘pay button’ app, which allows you to add a PayPal-style pay button and directs users to a one-page checkout, isn’t any better. In fact, it has an even worse rating of 1.4 out of 5 stars. And, it also costs $17/month.

Wix apps

So right there, you’re already up to $40/month before you’ve even accepted your first payment!

There’s an easier (and cheaper) way to collect payments in Wix.


Here’s how to add online payments to your Wix site using ChargeKeep, our own tool.

In ChargeKeep, copy the “Share This Payment Link” text.

Next, copy that link into a payment button on your Wix site:

Wix online payments

Click “Done” and your button will link to a payment form where your customers or clients can make a payment.

Stripe Wix online payments

That’s it. That’s all you need to do.

If you want to create a fancier integration, you can also use ChargeKeep code that embeds the payment form into your website or activates a pop-up window with the form.

Those are good options if you want to keep users on your site vs. having them navigate away to a separate page.

Now that you’re here…

You know that ChargeKeep is a really simple way to collect payments using Wix. Give it a try…

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