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Connecting Your PayPal Account to ChargeKeep

Step-by-Step Guide On How to Connect Your PayPal Account to the ChargeKeep Platform

Integrating PayPal with ChargeKeep platform allows you to securely handle transactions directly through your platform.

This guide will help you set up and confirm the integration of PayPal with ChargeKeep smoothly, ensuring that you can manage transactions securely and efficiently.

Keep in mind, that PayPal payments are only available through our Executive version, and connected through the CRM.

Follow these steps to connect your PayPal account to ChargeKeep:

Step 1: Access the PayPal Developer Dashboard

  • Log in to Your PayPal Account
  • Visit PayPal Developer and log in with your PayPal account credentials.
  • Navigate to ‘Apps & Credentials’
  • Once logged in, click on ‘Apps & Credentials’ from the top navigation menu. This page is where you manage API credentials and app settings.

PayPal Developer API Keys

Step 2: Switch between Sandbox and Live Account

  • Create a New App: In the ‘Apps & Credentials’ section, click the ‘Create App’ button in the top right corner of the ‘REST API apps’ section.
  • Configure Your App: Enter a name for your app, e.g., ‘CRM App Sandbox’ or ‘CRM App Live’ depending on which environment you want to use.
  • Select ‘Sandbox’ for the environment to test transactions without using real money. Select ‘Live’ for real transactions.
  • Choose ‘Merchant’ as type of app applicable to your business.
  • Select you business account.
  • Save App Details: Click ‘Create App’. This action will generate a new (Sandbox or Live) App with associated API credentials.



PayPal Developer Create App and Select App Features


Step 3: Retrieve Your API Credentials

  • View Your API Credentials: After creating your app, you will return to the ‘Apps & Credentials’ page, showing your new App. Click on the app name to view its details.
  • Copy Client ID and Secret: From your app’s detail page, copy the ‘Client ID’ and ‘Secret’. These credentials will be needed to configure PayPal in the ChargeKeep platform.

Step 4: Configure Webhooks

  • Set Up Webhooks: Click on ‘Add Webhook’ to configure webhooks for your app. This step is essential to receive PayPal transaction notifications events.
  • Webhook Details: Input the Webhook URL shown in the ChargeKeep CRM PayPal Settings, to receive webhook notifications. Refer to Step 5 for this.
  • Select the events you want to receive notifications for, such as payments, disputes, and more. You can select all notifications.
  • Save Webhook Configuration: After setting up the details, click ‘Save’ to finalize the webhook setup.

PayPal Developer API steps to Add Webooks


Step 5: Enter API Credentials in ChargeKeep CRM

  • Log In to ChargeKeep CRM, and from the Admin Section, go to Settings, then PayPal integrations settings.
  • Enter PayPal API Credentials: Paste the ‘Client ID’ and ‘Secret’ that you copied from your PayPal app details into the respective fields in ChargeKeep.
  • Copy Webhook URL: Copy the Webhook URL provided in the PayPal Settings page (this is referenced in Step 4).
  • Paste Webhook ID: Copy the Webhook ID from PayPal and paste it into the field.
  • Save Changes: Confirm the details are correct and save the changes to enable PayPal transactions on your platform.
  • Perform the same steps for both Sandbox Account (used for testing) and the Live Account by switching them in PayPal.

Step 6: Test the Integration

  • Conduct a test Sandbox Transaction: Use the sandbox environment to test a transaction to ensure everything is set up correctly without using real money.
  • Check Transaction Logs: Review the transaction and webhook logs in both PayPal and ChargeKeep to confirm that the integration is working as expected.

Once your PayPal account is linked you can start taking payments.

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