A full set of simple-to-use features; you don’t need a developer for anything.

How can we help you grow your business?

A full set of simple-to-use features; you don’t need a developer for anything.

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Connect Stripe Payment Methods - Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal and ACH

Simple Setup

Effortlessly incorporate Stripe, a secure and versatile payment gateway,
  • No Coding Required

    You will never need a developer or coding help to set things up.

  • Great For First-Timers

    We’ve designed ChargeKeep to be easy to use, even for first-time entrepreneurs.

  • Setup in Minutes

    Whether you need collect recurring or one-time payments, setup takes minutes, not hours.

  • Sell Everywhere

    Easily integrate with WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Webflow and more.

Flexible Payment Options

Everything you need with nothing extra.

  • Subscriptions

    Leverage the power of recurring payments by setting up subscriptions for your customers.

  • One-Time Payments

    Collect unlimited one-time payments for your products or services.

  • Trials & Coupons

    Increase conversion rates by adding free trial periods. Or add a coupon to further incentive sales.

  • Multi-Currency

    Collect payments from customers worldwide in different currencies.

Customer Portal

Manage Your Subscribers

Build customer relationships and increase lifetime value.

  • Customer Portal

    Give customer access to a customer portal where they manage their subscription or update their credit card.

  • Subscription Saver

    Notify customers of failed payments before they happen. Activate dunning to collect failed payments.

  • Add-On Accounts

    Manage two or Stripe accounts from one ChargeKeep account.

  • Smart Notifications

    Set up custom email notifications for different products or services.

Match Your Brand

Customize your checkout with your brand’s colors and logo.

  • Custom Branding

    Significantly increase your conversion rate by customizing your payment forms with your brand’s colors or logo.

  • Payment Pop-Up

    Keep customers on your website with our lightning-fast payment pop-up.

  • Embeddable Checkout

    Give customers the ability to pay without ever leaving your website.

  • Custom CSS

    Need to really spiff up your checkout? Use custom CSS or let us do it for you!

Add Your Custom Logo and Branding Colors

Ready To Get Started?

Start generating revenue today. It takes minutes to get setup, not weeks or months. 


Frequently Ask Questions

Go with a tool that was built specifically for you.

Stripe was built for developers, not for consultants. It doesn’t have the tools to allow you to accept recurring payments quickly and easily.

Yes, you can do it, but the features you’ll need are hidden behind layers of unnecessary menus and jargon. It’ll take you hours, if not days to do what you can do with ChargeKeep in a few minutes.

Still skeptical? Read this blog post about it.

ChargeKeep is meticulously designed with the diverse needs of the modern creator economy and small businesses in mind. Whether you're a marketing agency, a tour provider, a non-profit organization, a design firm, a freelance professional, a content creator, an influencer, a podcaster, or even a coach or consultant, ChargeKeep is tailored to cater to your unique requirements.

Our platform serves a broad spectrum of customers, including creators of all sorts, membership-based organizations, non-profits, and more. If your business thrives on the concept of recurring payments and you're looking to streamline your revenue collection processes, ChargeKeep is the perfect solution for you.

It doesn't matter if you create digital or physical products, offer a range of services, develop software, or operate within the realm of online marketing and sales; ChargeKeep is thoughtfully crafted to meet your specific needs. We're here to empower your growth and simplify your payment management, making it easier than ever to focus on what you do best.

Absolutely! Anyone can sign up for a free 7-day trial here. This gives you plenty of time to find out if ChargeKeep is the right tool to help you grow your business. We think it will be, of course?

Yes! We love to win business and wow our customers. Moving to a better payments tool shouldn’t be painful, it should be delightful.

We have a team dedicated to help you migrate from your old provider free of charge to make it easy for you!

Get started today! Once your account is active, simple schedule a time with our team to get your migration started.

Try our services for free to see the value we offer. Our rates are clear with no hidden fees. A nominal platform fees of 1-2.9% is processed with the transaction depending on the plan you choose.

Stripe and PayPal deduct a variable payment processing and transaction fees depending on which country you and the end customer are located in.

You may have other charges from 3rd party apps like Zapier, MailChimp or the CRM system you choose to use.