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Art & Culture2019-03-18T11:10:34-05:00

ChargeKeep is a great way to collect donations if you’re a nonprofit that helps preserve artistic and cultural heritage, such an art gallery, a library or historical society, or a performing arts center.


Who doesn’t love animals? ChargeKeep is a great way to raise donations if you’re a pet or animal welfare organization, a shelter, a zoo or aquarium, and even a wildlife conservation organization.


ChargeKeep provides an easy online giving option for churches of all sizes and denominations. Our cost-effective, easy-to-use online giving system can handle recurring and one-time gifts.


If you run any sort of nonprofit that does charity work international, ChargeKeep is a perfect way to raise funds for those trips or missions.

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Get Up and Running in 5 Minutes

You don’t need to be a technical wizard to set up ChargeKeep. ChargeKeep lets you Stripe, a trusted payment processor, without writing a single line of code. You can be and up running in 5 minutes.

Fast Checkout

Pre-filled custom amounts with descriptions so your donors feel great by knowing what they’re contributing to.

Embeddable Donation Form or Button

Embed a donation widget directly on your donation website or create a dedicated donation page with your own branding.

Lasting Relationships

Our minimalist dashboard gets out of the way so you see at a glance who’s donated. When you need to, easily manage your donors—issue refunds, update subscriptions, and more.

"We use ChargeKeep to accept recurring and one-time donations. People can access the embedded form on our website or through links on our social media sites. Works great."

Jesse Clark

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