10 Steps to Accept Recurring Payments Using Stripe (And an Easier 3-Step Way)


You know that having a reliable recurring revenue stream is one of the best ways to grow your business. Having that steady income stream takes the pressure off having to go out and find new business each month. The Benefits of Recurring Billing Reduce manual work. You don’t have to send out invoices, bill credit […]

5 SamCart Alternatives (including 2 entry-level tools)

SamCart alternatives

If you sell any sort of service or product on the Internet, you’ve probably heard of SamCart. These guys spend upwards of $15K on daily advertising on Facebook, so there’s a good chance you’ve been served with one of their ads. That “carpet-bombing” approach to sales also means that you’re going to have some unsatisfied […]

5 PayFunnels Alternatives For Consultants and Coaches (of all types)

If you’re a consultant, chances are you’ve probably heard of PayFunnels. That’s probably because the guy behind consulting.com, Sam Ovens, plugs the product in his flagship course. That’s great for Sam, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best tool for accepting online payments from your consulting (or coaching) clients. There are many tools out […]

5 MoonClerk Alternatives For Accepting Recurring Payments

MoonClerk is not a bad tool for collecting recurring (and occasional one-time) payments. But while it offers a lot of features and is used by lots of small businesses and non-profits, it can also get expensive very quickly. Because MoonClerk charges by volume of payments, once you get above the initial tier of up to […]

New Feature: Subscription Saver

Preventing failed payments

Preventing and managing failed payments is an important part of running a successful subscription business. Starting today, you can prevent and manage failed charges right in ChargeKeep. You can do three things: 1. You can remind your customers when they have an upcoming payment. In the event they need to update their credit card, they’ll […]

ChargeKeep is SCA-ready (are you?)

You may have heard that Europe passed some laws a few years ago (in 2015 & 2018) that require banks to put in place additional checks to authenticate online payments. The rules, known as Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), were to be put into practice on September 14th, 2019. Well, that hasn’t happened. Why? Because the […]

5 PayPal Payment Button Alternatives (And How to Install Them)

If you don’t want to use PayPal on your website, but still want to integrate a buy now button, don’t worry. There are several good alternatives to choose from. Let’s look at the top 5 PayPal payment button alternatives, see how their features compare, and how to integrate each option. The 5 PayPal payment button […]

What Does MoonClerk Cost (And Is It Worth It)?

ChargeKeep is often compared to MoonClerk. Both tools integrate with Stripe and allow users to collect one-time and recurring payments. But as much as the two tools have in common, there are cost trade-offs to using each tool. MoonClerk uses a tiered subscription pricing model. The fee you pay, which starts at $15/month, goes up […]

5 WP Simple Pay Alternatives For Accepting Stripe Payments In WordPress

WP Simple Pay is a good plugin for accepting Stripe payments on your WordPress site. But, they’re just one of a number of tools you can use. There are many WP Simple Pay alternatives that offer the same core functionality and, in some cases, are easier to use and offer greater flexibility. Let’s look at […]

5 Tools to Accept Recurring Payments With Stripe

If you’re like a lot of online businesses, you want to start accepting recurring payments. You know that recurring payments are a great way to bring consistent growth and sales to your business. But, you probably don’t know where to start or are intimidated by Stripe’s complex user experience. We don’t blame you. It’s a […]

How to use Stripe in Mexico

We get a lot of questions from folks in countries not yet supported by Stripe. Sometimes, Stripe is not available at all — such as in Pakistan — but often the country in question is in Beta. Such is the case with Mexico.