ChargeKeep Unveils a Fresh New Look and Expansion

ChargeKeep's Fresh New look

ChargeKeep is excited to annoumce a new chapter in its evolution with a dynamic redesign and a fresh, invigorating look and feel. Our revamped website is the first step to craft a modern, user-friendly experience that reflects our commitment to progress and customer satisfaction.

5 Easy Steps to Accept Recurring Payments in WordPress

5 Easy Steps to Accept Recuring Payments in Wordpress

Accepting recurring payments and getting predictable repeat business from your customers is the holy grail of business revenue. Having that steady income stream of recurring charges takes the pressure off having to go out and seek new business month in and month out.

5 PayWhirl Alternatives For Accepting Recurring Payments

5 Alternatives to Paywhirl for Accepting Recurring Payments

Founded in 2013, PayWhirl has been around for a good while and is a solid choice for accepting recurring payments. Notwithstanding their pie-in-the-sky tagline of being “the most flexible subscription payment software on earth,” the tool does offer a number of useful features: Embeddable payment pages Both credit card and bank payments Support for different […]

How to Accept Recurring Payments With Wix

Accept Recurring Payments with Wix

We have quite a few customers who use Wix to run their online business. And many of those customers want to collect payments for the products and services they’re selling. Wix, however, doesn’t make the process super easy, either for one-time or recurring payments. To start, you need a Wix “Premium” plan. The lowest-priced plan is […]

4 Steps to Accept Recurring Payments in Squarespace

4 Steps to Accept Recurring Payments in SquareSpace

If you’re wondering how to accept recurring payments using Squarespace, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll give you a step-by-step tutorial. A word of caution. Squarespace’s focus is on selling physical products vs. digital products or services. It’s a bit cumbersome to use if you’re selling consulting/coaching services, creating a membership […]

5 Zoho Subscriptions Alternatives for Accepting Recurring Payments

5 Alternatives for Zoho Subscriptions Recurring Payments

Zoho Subscriptions Alternatives If you’re looking for Zoho Subscriptions alternatives for accepting recurring payments in your small business, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll review five alternatives, go over the pros and cons of each, and let you decide which one would work best for your use case. The five alternatives […]

5 Payfunnels Alternatives for Recurring Payments

Payfunnels Recurring Payments Alternatives

Payfunnels Alternatives If you’re running (or just starting) a small business whose business model will be based on recurring payments/billing, Payfunnels is one of the pieces of software you can use to simplify this whole process, and while a good choice for some, there may be better options out there depending on the type of subscription […]

How to Create a Paid Newsletter with Mailchimp

How to Create a Paid Newsletter with Mailchimp

In the last few years, there’s been an explosion of tools that will help you to create and run a paid newsletter. Full-featured tools such as Substack, for example, allow writers and creators to not put their newsletter behind a paywall, but to also pair a paid newsletter with a podcast, get your newsletter featured […]

How to Accept ACH Payments From Your Customers

How to Accept ACH Payments from your Customers

If you run a recurring payments business, accepting payments via ACH vs. credit cards or PayPal can be a great way to reduce payment processing fees and failed payment rates. Accept ACH Payments though ChargeKeep’s connection to Stripe and Plaid for lower transaction fees.

New Feature: ACH Payments

ACH payments

Do you need to accept bank payments from U.S. customers via ACH? Well, now you can. We just released ACH payments for all of our users. All you need to do is activate bank payments on a payment form and your customers will be able to pay either via their bank account or their credit […]