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"I’m not technical, but it’s hard to avoid the tech needed to run a recurring payments business. ChargeKeep just works — its simple interface allows you to process payments without having to be intimidated by Stripe's UX."

Sean Marshall

  • Why is ChargeKeep better than integrating Stripe directly?

    Go with a tool that was built specifically for you.

    Stripe was built for developers, not for consultants. It doesn’t have the tools to allow you to accept recurring payments quickly and easily.

    Yes, you can do it, but the features you’ll need are hidden behind layers of unnecessary menus and jargon. It’ll take you hours, if not days to do what you can do with ChargeKeep in a few minutes. Don’t believe us? We wrote a blog post about it.

Here’s how ChargeKeep works

Step 1

Design a payment form; set a price and renewal frequency.

Whether you’re selling consulting or coaching services, collecting donations, or providing access to a service, just set your price and go.

ChargeKeep works alongside your site — seamlessly allowing you to accept payments. Simplicity is why businesses rely on us.

recurring payments Stripe
recurring payments Stripe

Step 2

Add your buy link.

Integrate ChargeKeep into any site — WordPress, Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace. You add a simple link to your page.

Once clicked, it opens a payment overlay (example) that looks like a natural extension of your site. Style it how you want to match your brand.

Step 3

Clients sign up and stay on your site.

Clients click your buy link and are shown a simple payment form.

Everything is secured with Stripe. Plus it’s all on just one screen. No hidden steps or multi-step checkout.

customer portal stripe

Step 4

Clients manage their subscription in their customer portal.

Once signed up, clients can update their credit card or subscription using your customer portal.

Link to the portal on your site. It’s easy for them and saves you the hassle of handing updates and subscription changes manually.

Total Payments Processed

Join 100s of creators who have processed over $30 million in the last six months alone using ChargeKeep!

Is ChargeKeep for me?

ChargeKeep was built with consultants and coaches in mind, but that doesn’t mean you have to be one to use it. Our customers are creators of all kinds, membership-sites, non-profits, and more. If you’re a business that’s seeking to grow with recurring payments, you’ll love ChargeKeep.

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